Winter Car Care Package $49.99 * Oil and filter change * Tire tread and air pressure check * Battery check * Brake, suspension and belt/hose inspection * Fluid top-off * Coolant test

Brakes $99.99 * New Premium Brake Pads * Labor to install * Resurface Rotors * Repack non-sealed Bearings * Bleed brake fluid

Transmission Repair

Your transmission is responsible for transferring the power from your engine to your drive mechanism. If your transmission doesn't work, your car won't go. Keeping your transmission in good repair is important for vehicle reliability and safety.

Transmission Troubleshooting

While diagnosing the exact problem with your vehicle is best left to trained professionals with the proper equipment, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you gain some insight into what may be wrong with your transmission:

1. If your vehicle is leaking fluid, it could be due to any number of parts associated with your transmission, including a defective pan gasket, loose filler tube or a leakage in your converter housing area.

2. If your transmission overheats, it may be due to a low fluid level, clogged cooler lines, internal slippage or a faulty oil pump.

3. If your transmission makes whirring noises, it may also be due to a low fluid level or scored gears.

4. If you are not able to shift into gear or your transmission slips when you shift into gear, you may again have a low fluid level or any number of other problems, including: defective vacuum linkage controls, internal clutch failure or an internal malfunction.

When you start to notice potential manual or automatic transmission trouble with your vehicle, it is imperative to fix the problem right away! Failure to take swift action can result in significant and costly repairs that could have potentially been avoided if your transmission was fixed at the first sign of a problem.



Is the problem you're experiencing with the vehicle a safety issue? Should you continue to drive the vehicle in its current condition?

Fuel Meleage


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